George Clinical harnessing innovation to improve patient retention in clinical trials

George Clinical’s parent organisation, The George Institute for Global Health and its TEXTCARE application, has been named a top 10 finalist in this year’s Google Impact Challenge. With a top prize of AUD $750,000, The George Institute has the opportunity to use its proven text messaging platform to tackle chronic disease on a global scale.

“An SMS has the power to save millions of lives,” Professor Clara Chow, Director of the George Institute’s Cardiovascular Division and one of George Clinical’s Scientific Leaders said following the nomination. “We have over five years of evidence to prove that this method of communication with patients can have a long-lasting impact on their lifestyle and their adherence to medication. As such, TEXTCARE has the potential to significantly improve a patient’s longevity and quality of life.”

Scientific Leadership is a unique service offered by George Clinical that utilizes the expertise and networks of the George Institute to identify the best clinical trial sites and boost recruitment. George Clinical’s scientific leaders share a passion for innovative and cost effective solutions to improve clinical trial design.

“We are regularly impressed by the innovative, evidence-based solutions to chronic disease management generated by our Scientific Leaders,” Dr Marisa Petersen, Executive Director of George Clinical said. “TEXTCARE is a platform that has been shown to improve compliance with medication and engagement with physicians. This text messaging platform is easily applicable to support patient retention particularly in long term outcomes studies – and the evidence is there to show it works”. The George Institute and George Clinical have a highly successful, symbiotic relationship. The Institute provides the expertise of its high-calibre researchers, such as Professor Clara Chow. George Clinical provides w a world-class full service CRO, delivering clinical trials to the highest standards for small and large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. George Clinical also provides its services to Institute trials and a majority of George Clinical’s profits are donated to the Institute in order to support its ongoing body of global research.

“Our trials have already shown this technology works,” Professor Chow said. “People who receive these personalised texts are more likely to take their medications correctly, stop smoking and start exercising, placing them at much lower risk of suffering another heart attack or stroke. Please vote in order for us to implement this cost-saving program immediately in China, India and Australia within 18 months.”

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About George Clinical

George Clinical is a leading independent clinical research organisation (CRO) in Asia with over 200 staff operating in 11 countries. George Clinical provides the full range of clinical trial services to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech customers, for all trial phases, registration and post-marketing trials. George Clinical combines scientific and clinical leadership with expert trial delivery capability to create a distinctive world-class service. George Clinical’s parent organization, The George Institute for Global Health, is a leader in chronic disease research, with a global network of experts with whom George Clinical engages. George Clinical delivers an operationally supported, internationally recognized scientific leadership service, providing motivation and engagement to trial investigators at a peer to peer level. George Clinical provides customizable clinical trial excellence from trial design through all aspects of delivery. Follow Us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @george_clinical

About The George Institute

The George Institute for Global Health

The George Institute for Global Health is improving the lives of millions of people worldwide through innovative health research. Working across a broad health landscape, the Institute conducts clinical, population and health system research aimed at changing health practice and policy worldwide. The Institute has a global network of medical and health experts working together to address the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Established in Australia and affiliated with The University of Sydney, the Institute today also has offices in China, India and the United Kingdom, and is also affiliated with Peking University Health Science Centre, the University of Hyderabad and the University of Oxford. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @georgeinstitute.

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