How Medical Scribes Are Helping To Improve Patient Care

Medical scribes are one of the lesser known roles in the healthcare industry. They are an essential component, however, and their arrival has brought with it numerous benefits to institutions and to patients. Medical scribes are an increasingly common sight in doctors’ offices up and down the United States. They are not quite a universal feature, but where they have been tried, the results have been very positive.

In this article, we take a look at just some of the ways that medical scribes are rapidly transforming the experience of visiting the doctor, for both healthcare professionals and their patients.

Focus on Patients

A medical scribe works to assist a doctor by taking notes and making a record of what is said and done during appointments with patients. In this way, a medical scribe is doing important supplementary work and allows the doctor to keep their focus on the patients without having to worry about the admin. Medical scribes, as well as recording information from doctors, are also able to help them to review files more efficiently.

The amount of a physician’s time spent on paperwork would surprise most people, and all the time spent on administrative tasks is the time that could be better spent elsewhere. One effect of having medical scribes present is that doctors can see more patients and make more diagnoses with a higher accuracy. Everyone wins!

Students Gain Experience

The experience gained by students working as medical scribes is invaluable. For example, someone who is planning a career in healthcare could apply to be a hospital scribe and gain some first-hand experience of what it is like for a doctor working in the hospital setting.

This kind of first-hand experience is very hard to come by and many people who would like to work in healthcare are deterred by the thought of being ‘thrown in at the deep end’. Working as a medical scribe is an excellent way to get a preview of what life as a doctor is like before making any concrete commitments.

The end result of this is that a new generation of doctors is being inspired. People who become doctors having worked as medical scrubs are often from quite different backgrounds when compared to those who went straight through the education system and into training. Attracting a more diverse range of individuals to the healthcare profession has been a long-term goal of many organizations, largely because it brings with it enormous benefits to patients.

Draw New Talent To The Field

The duties of a medical scribe are very different to those of doctors. While the doctor is assessing the patient and making a diagnosis, the medical scribe is watching dispassionately and recording things accurately. The kind of skills that are required of medical scribes are different to those of the doctors that they work with. Therefore, not only are medical scribes helping doctors to perform their jobs with less hassle, they also bring with them skills which are less common in many of the doctors they work with.

The more skills on hand for diagnosing and treating patients, the better the quality of overall care. Medical scribes provide an excellent way of achieving this and broadening the medical profession.

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