Medical Machines and What They Can Do for You

Whenever you visit the pharmacy, doctors understand the machines a bit confused and maybe even afraid to ask questions. To help you feel a bit better about what machines are being used and their purposes, we thought we’d take some time to explore some of the more popular machines and help you understand them just a little bit better.

ECG Machine

The EKG Machine

If you complain about an erratic heart rate or chest pains, you are likely to be connected to an EKG machine (sometimes also called ECG machine). The electrocardiogram machine is designed to monitor your heart rhythm, check your blood flow, and can detect signs of a heart attack. While it all can sound really scary, adding a routine EKG is a great addition to your annual physical because it can help you catch heart disease early. They can also be life-saving tools in emergencies. Regardless of when or how the EKG machine is used, they are a vital tool that can help you live your life to the fullest.


If you felt a slight burst in your head just trying to read that word, dons appointment, it will show up in your blood pressure. If you just cuddled with a sweet little puppy right before a daily check in on your blood pressure, it will reveal (usually) a calmer pressure than you see at any other time. 

Why are they so important? Our blood pressure can tell us a lot about our heart health and can help us combat any genetic issues that lie ahead. If you are on blood pressure medications to maintain a healthy pressure, the machine can tell if its office, you are likely to have your blood sugar levels checked as part of your physical. Blood sugar levels can indicate if you are not maintaining a healthy diet or if you are showing signs of diabetes or hypoglycemia. If you come from a long family history of diabetics, the monitors are used regularly to try and catch it as early as possible. These are also available for home monitoring so that you can follow a healthy diet and see how the food you eat is affecting your body.

All of these machines (and many others) are simply designed to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle and make changes when we need to. The more that you know, the better decisions you can make!

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