Nurse Practitioners Are Improving Healthcare Services

The demand for better healthcare services has increased rapidly these past few years, which means hospitals and service providers are actively seeking more doctors, physicians and nursing professionals. Nurse practitioners are also being recruited by more health institutions to provide better healthcare to more patients. According to studies by Bradley University and the university’s online doctoral nursing programs, employing nursing practitioners helps service providers improve healthcare services while lowering costs at the same time.

In fact, hiring NPs to handle long-term care patients could result in $166 billion in healthcare savings. Doctors and physicians no longer have to take on more patients than they can safely handle, allowing the whole healthcare landscape to be better for industry players as well as patients.

The shift towards hiring more nurse practitioners will continue to headline our healthcare industry.

To learn more about the subject, be sure to read the full infographic, Nurse Practitioners: Improving Quality of Care and Saving Costs by Bradley University.


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