Bioquell Z-2 | Solution for Zone bio-decontamination

Bioquell  Asia Pacific Pte Ltd’s. specialises in the designing, manufacturing and application of complete bio-decontamination solutions for airborne & surface contamination in the healthcare, life sciences, food production and defence sectors. One of their products is Bioquell Z-2 which is a complete solution for room/zone bio-decontamination, offers user-friendly operation with exclusive parametric cycle control, removing

Cream filling Machine | Pharmaceutical Industry

Pack Cheon Machinery Co. Ltd’s is the manufacturer of packaging systems. One of their products is Cream Filling Machine. The Cream filling Machine is relevant to all irregular shaped containers and is available in 3 types namely CFW-2R type, CF-RS type and lastly CF-RSM type. The company even manufactures products which are used in the

Vibro Separator & Filter | Pharmaceutical Industry

Lao Soung Machinery Co. Ltd’s is a leading designer and manufacturer of Vibro Separator & Filter. The company found the L-Shape Sieve Frame. The L-shape design helps in reducing hassles and time taken in changing screens. Because of the unique design, the thirty minute of replacement time is reduced to ten minutes. It even has

Modern Superior Quality Air Monitoring Equipment

Instrumex’s is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of range of Air Monitoring Equipment. The instruments of Instrumex are of superior quality, manufactured at the company’s production unit by using advanced techniques and components. The IAQ-2500TH is original designed Indoor Air Quality Monitor with the unique feature of dust concentration detection with temperature & humidity. It

The Worldwide Oleoresin Paprika Demand Is Increasing

Oleoresin Paprika is used as a food coloring agent by people. It offers deep red color to the food. It is a natural food coloring product derived from the lipids, or plant fats and pigments of sweet red peppers. Oleoresin paprika is a widely accepted food colorant, which is often used in the production of

Using Supply Chain Technology to Improve Pharmaceutical Profit Margins

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive on the planet.  The global pharmaceutical industry was estimated to be worth $1 trillion in 2014.  While there have been tremendous profits to be earned over the years, and still great potential for the future, the business is not without its constraints. According to 2016 figures

Saurus Vacuum Pumps of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Italvacuum S.R.L’s is an international manufacturer of Saurus Vacuum Pumps for the pharmaceutical industries. The Saurus Vacuum Pump is a simple designed machine which combines traditional strength and reliability with the most advanced technology.  It ensures total recovery of solvents in harsh operating conditions. It gives best results in minimum operating costs and has a

What are Vibration Monitoring Machines in Pharmaceutical Industries?

Instrumex’s is involved in manufacturer of Vibration Monitoring Machines. The Vibration Monitoring Machine consists of Vibration Meter of model number of VM-6360, Vibration Control Meter of model number VB-8201HA and LCD Vibration Meter of VB-8203 respectively. These are used in various industries and available in reasonable prices. Vibration Meter: The frequency range of a vibration

Know about Dry Powder Inhaler for Asthma and C.O.P.D

AptarGroup’s is into manufacturing of biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with innovative drug delivery solutions. One such product is Dry Powder Inhaler. Under the Dry Powder Inhaler come two products namely Prohaler® and Twister®. The Twister® is a versatile, affordable dry powder inhaler. It is simple, spontaneous, easy to clean inhaler with the range between

Clinical Lab Testing and the Value of Instrument Calibration

In the pharmaceutical industry, equipment calibration is absolutely critical. It is also commonplace since it must be done from time to time. The reason why it is so important is to ensure safety and quality products. Additionally, ensuring strict practices where calibration is concerned is essential if you want to ensure compliance and if you