Clinical Trials on tissues of human heart now possible in UK

A UK based new start-up is developing a unique method for testing out the impact of drugs on the cardio-vascular system without resorting to animal testing or through clinical trials of an early-stage human. The company we are talking about is Inocardia, a spin-out from the University of Coventry. Having attracted sufficient funding from the

Preventing HIV/AIDS by Using Liquid Silicone Rubber

HIV/AIDS. True that it isn’t much talked about these days as cancer. But the World Health Organisation still bears data that shows about 34 million people around the globe in 2011 managed to breathe air carrying this disease and 1.7 million lost their lives. It is definitely one of the most fatal diseases that has

What Can Recent Mergers Mean for the Future of Pharmaceutical Industry?

Expensive pharmaceutical deals in the industry are in a mad fury of alliances this year on account of the patent expiries that big drug companies are faced with. In an attempt to make up for the losses, hence, these companies are teaming up with their better off competitors. The world’s most well-known drug maker, Pfizer

Low-Cost Genome Sequencing

In Silicon Valley, Moore’s law appears to remained on equivalent balance with the regular laws classified by Isaac Newton. Intel prime supporter Gordon Moore’s notorious perception that registering power has a tendency to twofold — and that its value hence parts — like clockwork has held valid for about 50 years with just minor update.

The Problems with Healthcare Data and How to Manage Them

People who work with data tend to think in terms which are very structured and linear. They prefer to have B to follow A and C to follow B not just sometimes, but pretty much all of the time. But, healthcare data simply doesn’t work that way. Healthcare data can render linear analysis useless as

Why is Good Tablet Design so Important and How to Achieve it?

Detailed design of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical tablets is essential in order to produce robust tablets with bespoke designs. Tablet manufacturers should not overlook tablet design because it is key to the quality of the end product. “With sufficient fore-thought and consideration, most potential tablet making problems can be eliminated at the early stage of design.

Collaborations are a Secret Boon for the Pharma Industry in India

After it was recently announced that Bristol-Meyes Squibb and Astra Zenca ended their partnership and Aurobindo Pharma would acquire Dublin-based Actavis, the question on everyone’s minds seems to be, what next? The pharma industry has seen a double-growth in recent times owing to breakthrough patents in the field of cancer drugs and research. Therapies which

Is South Africa Trying to delay Patents on New Medicines?

In a recent report by the Guardian, it was revealed that leaked documents showed lobbying proposals to delay laws that would allow fast introduction of generic medicines in South Africa. Shockingly, this means patents on breakthrough (read recently discovered medicine) drugs could be halted, but for what? If the changes to the new intellectual property

Glenmark Gives India the Push by Topping its Anti-Diabetes Drug

Whatever Glenmark wanted to prove by introducing Zitamed and ZIta, their new anti-diabetes drugs, they’ve definitely topped this season. Mumbai-based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals introduced the two anti-diabetes drugs in aRs 3,000-crore lucrative anti-diabetes market dominated by multinationals The drugmaker, which is locked in a bitter patent infringement battle with US drug firm Merck Sharp and Dohme’s

How Anti-Depressants Work to Help you Feel Better

Depression is essentially a strange state of mental breakdown, gradual or rapid. Depression strikes some 35 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, contributing to lowered quality of life as well as an increased risk of heart disease and suicide. Treatments typically include psychotherapy, support groups and education as well as psychiatric medications.