Saurus Vacuum Pumps of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Italvacuum S.R.L’s is an international manufacturer of Saurus Vacuum Pumps for the pharmaceutical industries.

The Saurus Vacuum Pump is a simple designed machine which combines traditional strength and reliability with the most advanced technology.  It ensures total recovery of solvents in harsh operating conditions.

It gives best results in minimum operating costs and has a nominal flow rate up to 3800 m3/h.  The exclusive LubriZero® system guarantees ideal operation and best performance with slight, negligible oil consumption.

Saurus Vacuum Pump in Pharma Industry

It has maximum strength in any work environment and there is a constant recovery of extracted solvents. It has lower operating costs when compared to any other vacuum technology.

There is complete purity of the final product and uncontaminated vacuum. It is powerful, efficient and at the same time safe as well. The Saurus939 ensures performances in all the chemical and pharmaceutical processes, with low-energy motors. It is even reasonable in price and easy for maintenance.

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