Sterile Filling Machinery | Packaging Machine Pharmaceutical Products

Optima Pharma’s is renowned for their diverse and innovative range of filling and packaging machines for the pharmaceutical products. It includes both sterile and non-sterile liquid and powder applications.  It is a global leader in packaging technologies for several fields.

The company offers a modern machine program for the filling and packaging sterile liquids and powders. The filling can be in vials, disposable syringes, infusion bottles and carpules. The Isolators for Sterile filling of liquids, powders and freeze-dry systems for extending shelf-life complement the portfolio perfectly.

sterile-filling-machineryIntelligent process equipment can reduce the system’s process times and downtimes. By using sterile filling machinery, product loss per batch has been minimized to a great extent.

The advantages of using sterile filling machinery are:

  • There is high level of quality in the sterile production,
  • There is a high level of process reliability,
  • It is complete safe and reliable for usage and offers maximum product protection,
  • There is a lot of profitability in the manufacturing.

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