Three Effective Medical and Non-Medical Weight Loss Strategies That Aren’t Exercise

We often hear stats thrown around which note that approximately two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. The question remains: if this is the case, why aren’t people doing something about their condition?

The fact remains that most of the public at large is uninformed about their options for weight loss. While diet and exercise might be enough for some people to keep their well-being in check, others require medical intervention. Meanwhile, there are a number of small changes to one’s daily routine that can be made to help with weight management.

Whether you’re worried that your weight is creeping in the wrong direction or know that you could stand to lose some significant pounds, keep the following six strategies in mind to help make your weight management goals a reality.

Suppress Your Appetite

The first step to getting your weight under control is suppressing your appetite, plain and simple. The more you’re able to practice mindfulness when it comes to the foods you eat, the more likely you are to keep yourself from overindulging.

Appetite suppressants come in many shapes and sizes, some of which can be found in everyday drinks such as black coffee and green tea. Likewise, there are prescription medications out there which can also help curb your cravings quickly and effectively. To help save on such prescription options, be on the lookout for web deals such as this Contrave coupon.

Rethink Your Diet

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill in pursuit of a trimmer waistline. Conventional wisdom tells us that diet constitutes anywhere between 75% and 90% of weight loss success. Bear in mind that changing your diet doesn’t happen overnight, but represents a long-term commitment for the sake of your health.

If you’ve been following the standard American diet which is high in fats, carbs, and sugars, perhaps it’s time to rethink what you’ve been putting into your body on a regular basis. While you don’t necessarily have to do anything extreme such as the keto diet which requires intense carb restriction, it may be a good idea to look into options as a temporary paleo or vegan diet to help transform your bad eating habits.

When in doubt, simply try to avoid processed foods and sugar as much as you possibly can.

Hit the Hay

Believe it or not, a better night’s sleep can help keep your weight in check. You need to give your body time to rest to help you recover from the stress of the day and balance your hormones, both of which ultimately work to dictate your mood and weight loss. Although you don’t necessarily need to the traditional “eight hours” per night, consider that if you’re only getting four hours or so you’re inevitably sabotaging your sleep quality.

If you traditionally have trouble sleeping, try stress-free activities such as reading a book before bed and avoiding excessive contact with electronic screens. Additionally, supplements such as a melatonin represent a safe means of getting a better night’s sleep with few potential side effects.

There are plenty of strategies beyond the world of exercise that can help you slim down. Starting with these tips can help put you on the right path toward long-term weight loss.




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