Vibro Separator & Filter | Pharmaceutical Industry

Lao Soung Machinery Co. Ltd’s is a leading designer and manufacturer of Vibro Separator & Filter.

The company found the L-Shape Sieve Frame. The L-shape design helps in reducing hassles and time taken in changing screens. Because of the unique design, the thirty minute of replacement time is reduced to ten minutes.

Vibro Separator & Filter

It even has an affective sieving area. Larger area gives higher performance, taking into consideration the same screen diameter. It has a screen design which provides maximum screen for screens. Because of this, the screen can be used longer and therefore there is a reduction in maintenance costs.

Less the number of times there is a screen replacement, fewer are the disturbances in production systems. The frame diameter of a Vibro Separator & Filler is available in 450mm, 300mm and there is an N type, NW type screen frame.

It is a compact & portable design which is easy to clean & assemble and even noiseless.


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