What are Aurena’s Wound and Skin Care Products?

Aurena Laboratories AB’s is the manufacturer of wound and skin care products.


The products of Wound & Skin Care are Saline-based Wound Cleansing and Irrigation Spray, Barrier Spray, Gentle and Painless Spray, Burn Gel Spray, Emollient Spray and Diabetic Foot Wound Spray.

  • Saline-based Wound Cleansing and Irrigation Spray

Wound cleansing and irrigation spray in sterile saline solution eliminates the foreign bodies and lessens the number of pathogens in a wound. It restores the physiological pH level in the wound. It even moistens the tissues and helps in removal of blood clot and dead tissue. The isotonic character present in the spray ensures that is no pain when addressing the wound.

  • Barrier Spray

The Barrier Spray helps in protection of the skin from external factors such as urine, feces and enzymes from wound moisture.  The advantages of using this spray is it doesn’t hurt on use, is free of preservatives, can be used in any position, and has steralised and non-steralised versions. It even protects the skin while removing adhesive devices.

  • Gentle and Painless Spray:

The Painless and Gentle Spray is used to eliminate stoma pouches and wound dressings. The advantages of using this spray is it like the barrier spray has steralised and non-steralised versions, is free of preservatives, doesn’t hurt on use.

  • Burn Gel Spray

The Burn Gel Spray is used as first aid for minor burns, sunburn, and scalds. It has numerous advantages like: it has quick cooling effect, healing process, and can be sprayed in any angle. As it water based gel, it prevents hurts. It even sooth the skin.


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