Why Pharma Companies Should Move to Cloud Computing

Recently, a leading research report provider released a press release stating that internationally, North America dominates the cloud computing market in healthcare research and development. It is mainly because major pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical giants are usually located in the United States.

These drug manufacturers even actively take part in diverse research and development programs in order to simplify & optimize their research and development activities to implement the cloud computing systems.

In this article, we shall discuss about the in-depth importance of cloud computing in Pharmaceutical industry. We shall discuss on Why Pharma Companies should move to Cloud Computing?

  1. Security:

Earlier, there was much fear regarding security in cloud computing in various manufacturing industries including the Pharmaceutical. But now there is no more fear.

Now, Pharma Companies should move to Cloud Computing because cloud-hosted data is extremely secure when compared to data hosting on site and pretty accessible. It can operate operations from any corner of the world. In fact, there is constraint of geographical barrier because of this.

Reports: According to Reports, nearly half of all Pharma manufacturers are presently using a variety of cloud-based infrastructure or at least take into account.

  1. Sales:

Not only to the R&D department, moving to cloud also improves collaboration between the different departments, suppliers and distributors.

It assists the sales department of the Pharma Company as well. It can give businesses the data insights that are essential to progress sales and makes collaboration processes between partnering companies devoid of the issues that often come from disparate IT systems.

Note: In the mere future, there is going to be explosion of data and there will be a marketplace which will increasingly be entangled and globalised. Therefore, Pharma companies must guarantee that their technological infrastructure can manage today and survive the demands of tomorrow.

  1. Decentralization:

When a company endeavors to go global, clinical trials and workforces need to become decentralized which in turn involves IT infrastructure to be decentralized. Building out exclusive data centers can be expensive and distract from a Pharma company’s core business objectives.

Pharma Companies should move to Cloud Computing to improve web performance for users present in remote locations without carrying out to build supplementary data centers. Decentralized cloud computing can even play a part in providing greater security & further privacy.

Cloud Computing in Pharma Companies

  1. Reasonability:

One of the most advantages for cloud users around the globe is cloud-based software and infrastructure reduces their cost drastically. It needs less development and testing resources and this also means lesser expenditure for support and maintenance of applications too.

Studies show that cloud-based software can cost 50% lesser than traditional software and also a cloud-based software takes around 4 to 6 months to be ready. Hence, Pharma Companies should move to Cloud Computing.

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