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China Restructures its Drug Pricing Regime

In early May 2015, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”), together with six other agencies, issued aCircular Concerning Opinions on Advancing the Drug Pricing Reform (“Opinions”).1 The Opinions initiate a groundbreaking reform of the drug pricing system in China. Until now, pursuant to China’s Drug Administration Law and related policies and regulations, the government

Drugs Shortage and its Impact on Counterfeit Drugs

Drugs Shortage Though the word shortage refers to the availability of less, its presence is not clinging to its meaning by swirling around the world with a strong presence, yet another area shadowing by ‘shortage’ is drugs. The world that has been witnessing the shortage of food and shelter is also taking into its account

Productivity Ramps Up With Indian Pharmaceutical Cluster

Introduction The Indian Pharma Inc. ranks 5 in the pharma sector globally. The ranking is in terms of volume of production. This ranking and establishment accounts for 10% of global production and gives India recognition worldwide in the pharmaceutical sector. Considering the depth of the pharma industry in India, the turnover itself speaks of large

Canada to Donate Vaccine for Ebola to West Africa

By now, the Ebola virus has clasped its tentacles across West Africa and is beginning to show its tooth in the developed world. The Public Health Agency of Canada and the federal government have begun to share details about a vaccine that’s part of an experiment. The aim is to arrive at the Ebola vaccine

What Can Recent Mergers Mean for the Future of Pharmaceutical Industry?

Expensive pharmaceutical deals in the industry are in a mad fury of alliances this year on account of the patent expiries that big drug companies are faced with. In an attempt to make up for the losses, hence, these companies are teaming up with their better off competitors. The world’s most well-known drug maker, Pfizer

Low-Cost Genome Sequencing

In Silicon Valley, Moore’s law appears to remained on equivalent balance with the regular laws classified by Isaac Newton. Intel prime supporter Gordon Moore’s notorious perception that registering power has a tendency to twofold — and that its value hence parts — like clockwork has held valid for about 50 years with just minor update.

Collaborations are a Secret Boon for the Pharma Industry in India

After it was recently announced that Bristol-Meyes Squibb and Astra Zenca ended their partnership and Aurobindo Pharma would acquire Dublin-based Actavis, the question on everyone’s minds seems to be, what next? The pharma industry has seen a double-growth in recent times owing to breakthrough patents in the field of cancer drugs and research. Therapies which

Is South Africa Trying to delay Patents on New Medicines?

In a recent report by the Guardian, it was revealed that leaked documents showed lobbying proposals to delay laws that would allow fast introduction of generic medicines in South Africa. Shockingly, this means patents on breakthrough (read recently discovered medicine) drugs could be halted, but for what? If the changes to the new intellectual property

The Pivot of FDI in Indian Pharma

The department of industrial policy promotion (DIPP) is bringing new headwinds to the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the sector of pharmaceuticals that looking for a review from it in regarding policies barely after its intervention from prime minister Clearance in months. The controversy rises here is regarding the FDI in retail to kick up

Reasons Behind Pharmaceutical Industry to Focus on Loyalty

For every industry maintaining relationship with the customers is the most benefitting factor and this is the reason behind adopting CRM for every industry. CRM for the pharmaceutical industry is one among those. Most of the companies are interested to automate their management process which helps to continuous engaging with their customers. CRM will help