Picoway Laser: Tattoo and Pigment Lesions Removal Made Easy

Many people with tattoos now regret having them and want to get them removed. It may not be possible to completely remove the tattoo inks years ago but today’s technology is advanced enough to allow you to remove the tattoos in just a few laser treatments.  Syneron Candela has introduced one of the newest laser treatment techniques for tattoo removal including Picoway and Trivantage laser tattoo removal treatment.

Picoway Laser: Tattoo and Pigment Lesions Removal Made Easy

Syneron Candela’s Picoway laser is a picosecond laser treatment method that allows you to safely remove tattoo and pigment lesions.  The FDA approved laser treatment is useful for removing red, orange and yellow color tattoos. Usually, you only have to take half the number of treatments to wipe away the tattoo permanently when compared to the traditional laser tattoo removal technique. Each session is spaced in a period of between 6 – 8 weeks.

Syneron Picoway laser treatment uses the laser induced optical breakdown (LIOB) technology to break down the pigments of the tattoo into many small particles that are later absorbed by the lymphatic system in the body. As the particles get absorbed by the natural filtering system in the body, it will gradually diminish until it is no longer visible on the skin. It does not cause any type of negative side effect on the tissues. This is because the laser used in Picoway is a thousand times shorter compared to the traditional Q switch laser. Picoway laser is the best for you if you are a person with dark colored skin.

Alex Trivantage laser uses the triple Alexandrite technology where three lasers of different wavelengths are used to remove multi-colored tattoo effectively. Besides treating tattoo, the Alex Trivantage can also be used to treat skin problems such as freckles, age spots, and lentigines. You don’t have to worry whether Alex Trivantage suitable for your skin because it can work on all kinds of skins.

It uses different wavelengths of laser to remove the tattoo. It is able to detect the colors used in the tattoo and target on each of them individually. The treated area will become slightly red or experience some discolorations after the treatment but they should recover within a few weeks. Some practitioners may choose to use a topical anesthetic depending on where the tattoo is located.

If you plan to undergo a tattoo laser removal treatment, make sure you request quotes from 2 – 4 tattoo removallaser treatment centers. The cost of the tattoo removal will depend on the tattoo size, ink color, where it is located.  Small tattoo is a tattoo as small as 2 in x 2 in whereas a large tattoo is a tattoo that is at least 4 in x 4 in.

The easiest type of tattoo to remove is black color tattoo. Other colors of tattoos such as red, is more difficult to remove and requires more session treatments. Hence, the cost of the laser treatment for removing them will be more expensive. Many tattoo removal centers offer free consultation for customers. During the consultation, the professional will explain to you about the best laser treatment for your tattoo, how many sessions you need to undergo, and costs.  The professional will also answer all your questions about the treatment options.

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