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Pharmaceutical Collaboration in Pharma industry

Collaboration is not new in the Pharmaceutical industry as it had started few years back. It involves the association of Pharma industry strategists; decision makers’ etc where great things can be accomplished. Collaborating with Pharma officials not only generates recommendations, guidelines, and best practices, but also fosters new models and pushes the whole sector towards

Glenmark Gives India the Push by Topping its Anti-Diabetes Drug

Whatever Glenmark wanted to prove by introducing Zitamed and ZIta, their new anti-diabetes drugs, they’ve definitely topped this season. Mumbai-based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals introduced the two anti-diabetes drugs in aRs 3,000-crore lucrative anti-diabetes market dominated by multinationals The drugmaker, which is locked in a bitter patent infringement battle with US drug firm Merck Sharp and Dohme’s