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Pharma Sales Compensation: How to Build a Fair and Effective Plan

The compensation structure for large organizations specializing in the pharmaceutical industry dictates the quality and breadth of the effectiveness of sales. At the heart of every compensation program lies the need to incentivize an activity that’s beneficial to the parent company. The more that a pharmaceutical company is able to compensate its sales representatives, the

What are Aurena’s Wound and Skin Care Products?

Aurena Laboratories AB’s is the manufacturer of wound and skin care products. The products of Wound & Skin Care are Saline-based Wound Cleansing and Irrigation Spray, Barrier Spray, Gentle and Painless Spray, Burn Gel Spray, Emollient Spray and Diabetic Foot Wound Spray. Saline-based Wound Cleansing and Irrigation Spray Wound cleansing and irrigation spray in sterile