Know all about Ear, Nose and Throat Products

Aurena Laboratories AB’s is the manufacturer of Ear, Nose and Throat Products.

The Ear sprays are used for the prevention of increase in earwax. Whereas the Nasal sprays are used for relief of stuffy nose and relaxation of sinus pressure. The Nasal sprays of Aurena are very renowned in the market.

ear-nose-and-throat-productsThe Throat sprays are used to soothe the throat and avoid throat symptoms when suffering from cold and allergy. The nasal sprays are saline and are made up with seawater to gain the moisture of nose. The reasons for stuffy nose could be allergy, pollution, dryness, or excessive use of nasal decongestant. It (Nasal spray) cleans in a very natural way without any harm.

The advantages of using Aurena Nasal Sprays are: firstly, it cleans the nasal cavity secondly eliminates the mucus and crusts present in the nasal cavity, and it even lessens the acute upper respiratory tract infection symptoms.

The Throat Spray like the Nasal Spray is made up with seawater and is saline. Sometime because of colds and allergies we develop sore throat. So, this spray is similar to the washing effect of the tissues present in mouth and throat. It removes excess mucus and reduces the swelling and jamming of the mucus membrane.

This too has advantages, such as: it reduces dehydration and irritation in the throat. It doesn’t even contain preservatives, efficient in protecting the oropharynx.

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